The Purple Rose

It was a single rose, there was nothing special about it except that it was a deep violet. Silver glitter outlined different layers of the rose. This was a gift my sister and I had chosen to give to my grandmother.

This rose was the most beautiful rose I had ever set my eyes on. I could not believe we had found this treasure to give to my grandmother. My grandmother was very grateful for the rose we had given her, she put it on display for all to see. Every time I would go over to her house I would see it and ask her about it. She would smile and tell me how much she loved this rose.

I could not understand why she loved this rose so much. She kept the rose until it died and even beyond that. Once it got to the point where is was mostly dried up, my grandmother then pressed the rose herself. I cannot tell you how long that rose sat there, to me it felt like months.

This story that I have just shared with you is one of the happiest moments I remember having with my grandmother before she became bedridden. There are more memories I could share, but this one always sticks out to me. I had never seen someone so appreciative of such a minor gesture, even if it was a big deal to me at the time.

I had never seen someone so appreciative of such a minor gesture, even if it was a big deal to me at the time. Even until this day, I do not fully understand why she treasured this rose so much. Maybe she knew her time was running short and the rose was symbolic, or that she wanted to make sure that my sister and I felt loved by her.

Now every time I receive a rose I think of her. I do miss her but the roses remind me that I will see her again.

Now if my boyfriend gets me roses then it is a little different. I do still think of my grandmother, but I also think of our relationship. Like the flower that my grandmother put on display, the goal of our relationship is to put God in the center of our relationship for everyone to see. The color of the rose was unique just like our relationship, but only with God a beautiful color is what makes us different.


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