Ode to a Cardboard Box

I am a cardboard box,

Rained on and hit by many trucks.

Once used to hold something of value,

And now I find myself sitting right here covered in tire tracks and dirt.

No one wants me now,

Will I ever serve a purpose again?


This looks like the end for me,

As the sun breaks me down daily.

I now anticipate the end of my time,

But I am forced to stay right here.


Seasons change right before me-

The sun is the only thing that is keeping me alive.

The rain washes me clean and I can see it!

A new beginning is coming my way.

For so long I have been a worthless object,

But now I will be turned into something new.


It just took one person to come and pick me up.

One person to take me and set me on the path to recycling,

When I could not do it myself.

I am now made new.


R. Edmonds


Featured Image by: Dmitri Korobtsov




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