My First Post 👋

NQTI have only started blogging this year, so I have decided to start out with an introduction blog so that you can get to know me. I believe this will help you understand where I am coming from in my writing.

I want to first start out by saying I am really bad at grammar so please ignore all the grammatical errors. I am learning grammar since I will be an English teacher one day. In school I was not taught grammar, so as a young adult I have to learn it.

I have a passion for teaching. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was in second grade. As a seven year-old I will admit I did not know what I wanted to teach. I went from wanting to teach art to wanting to teach dance. Now, as I write this blog today I have decided on teaching English. I am a huge nerd when it comes to reading and writing,  partially why I chose English as the subject I wanted to teach.

I have heard countless times how teaching is a “waste of a degree” and how “I will make barely any money.” I do not think teaching is a waste of a degree, I believe teachers are a foundation for their students pursuing a higher education. Without teachers, each person would have to teach their child and not everyone is cut out for that. That is completely alright too. As for the money, this is why you get married (totally kidding!). In all seriousness though teachers do not teach for the monetary aspect of it. If that was the case, everyone would want to do it. Our education system could become better, or worse. I want to be a part of making the education system better.

Here is a link that shows what else you can do with a teaching degree.

So you have some background as to why I want to be a teacher, but who am I? I amwhat-its-like-to-be-an-english-nerd-2-10812-1415724640-0_dblbig.jpg the type of person who works twice as hard as anyone else because I have no other choice. I am the type of person who loves to learn. I am the type of person who wants to know how people are process information, and how they drew the conclusion they did. I take a genuine interest in other’s lives. I love to see the world. I am dedicated to whatever I do. I am an overachiever. All of these things took time for me to develop.

I love to read. I am a picky reader, but I will give every book a chance. What types of books I typically choose are memoirs of all sorts. However, I usually pick out Holocaust memoirs since I am a big-time history buff. I also enjoy reading mystery, dystopian, plays, and many others. Shakespeare does holds a very special place in my heart, because he is extremely witty and humerous. I am going to stop talking about books right here because this could go on for another 1,000 words or more.

Here are some photos I took while I was in Poland doing a Holocaust study.

stock-vector-wooden-coffee-bar-coffee-shop-counter-vector-illustration-with-barista-366759752Since I am a college student, I do have to pay for schooling somehow. During this past school year I worked two jobs, part-time, and went to school full-time. I was a sub at a special needs school, and still plan on doing that when school starts back up, and I am a barista at a place that I have worked at for four years. This summer, I have a job, a paid internship, an unpaid internship, and I am currently working on another job. Even though working seems to consume my life, all of the jobs I am working or worked help me develop the mindset of a teacher. Most of my jobs do involve some aspect of being in a school, like my internship and subbing position. The others are just to help pay for school.

To wrap up this post I would like to say thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will keep reading future blogs that I post, and if not that is okay too. Please feel free to leave any feedback, comments, or questions you have.

Have a great day! 😄





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